Identifying wildlife


The most common species observation along highways are deer (mule deer or white tailed deer), elk and bighorn sheep. You can learn more about these species here.

There are lots of other species you may see on the highway, please refer to Wildlife Roadkill Identification Pocket Guide to learn more.

White tailed deer

White tailed deer have a white underside to tail
White tailed deer have smaller ears relative to mule deer

Mule deer

Mule deer have a black tip at the end of their tail
Mule deer have large ears relative to white tailed deer


Elk have a cream-coloured patch on rump
Elk have a shaggy mane -- a dark, thick scarf of fur that hangs from its neck to its chest

Males have large antlers while females have not antlers.

Bighorn sheep

Bighorn sheep have a white rump
Bighorn sheep have brown horns, male are large and curly while females are slightly curved and shorter

Bighorn sheep have a white muzzle